About Us

GONDO is an Internet innovation comprised of web components that are assembled in a unique way. These not so unique individual parts, when compiled into the GONDO Integrated Business System, make a never before seen ensemble of tools that a local business establishment can use to expand their business.

The founders, Tom Goodman and Frank Williams, originally developed the fundamental core of these ideas to assist real estate professionals in the day to day operation of their business. They quickly realized that the concepts and ideas could easily be spread out among local businesses of all types.

They realized that their concepts would enable local businesses to enhance their relationships with their existing customer base and when a group of local businesses engaged in the GONDO system they could all benefit. "A rising tide raises all boats" is one of Tom's favorite sayings.

The difficulty came in the fact that consumers do not want to be manipulated or coerced. In short, people love to buy, but sometimes they don't want to be sold. Protecting the integrity of the business-to-customer relationship has been paramount in the development of the GONDO business model which protects that client relationship at all times.

This means consumers can confidently interact with the GONDO System with the understanding that there is no behind the scenes data being collected about them individually. Yes, we have reporting and analytics, however we never zero in on the behavioral patterns or likes and dislikes of the individual consumer. We leave them to their own privacy.

At GONDO, with the assistance of Chuck Nelson, our lead technical developer and Systems Administrator, we figured out how to get your marketing information in front of consumers without being invasive. We made it possible for a consumer to search intuitively. By using local zip codes and keyword searches, a consumer can get right to the point of finding what they want locally. Your offers can be viewed by local consumers looking for what you have, once you’re a GONDO Member Business.