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GONDO is an online Integrated Business System ("IBS") that integrates numerous components for marketing your business. Once you enroll your business into the GONDO IBS you will have access to tools you need to launch a successful marketing campaign. These components are not new. What's different about GONDO is the way they are integrated and how they relate to each other. This system will help you get the word out about your business.

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Attracting Customers

Potential customers fall into three main categories: New Customers, Repeat Customers and Word-of-Mouth Referrals.

New Customers

New businesses usually need New Customers and lots of them. New customers are most often obtained by using broad marketing tactics such as television, radio and newspaper. In today’s market people find information about businesses from many different sources. A business needs to be visible in many different ways including online. Eighty five percent of new business comes from online, speaking to the demise of local printed phone directories.

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers build businesses. While providing a customer with good services and products there are additional ways to entice them to come back. These include bounce-back offers, newsletters, customer incentive programs and today even tapping into social networks. A repeat customer will almost always tell someone else about your business.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Satisfied and happy customers will talk positively about your company when you come up in conversation. We all know it is difficult to get other people to talk about your business or refer other people to you. Various tools are available and are used by businesses, such as referral fees and referral gifts. Even refrigerator magnets can serve as a conversation starter to attract word-of-mouth business. Note also that an existing or past customer is 107% more likely to send someone your way than someone who has not ever done business with you in the past. Providing current customers with valuable and fun information relevant to your business helps encourage conversation about your business.

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The Need To Be Online

Nationally, more than 75% of the buying public uses the Internet on a regular basis at home and/or at work. It's a fact that more and more consumers are going to the Internet first before making purchases. According to a national research firm, about 83 million consumers in the United States use the Internet at least monthly to research products before making a purchase. With so many consumers online, now is an important time to transition your business to an even higher digital level. Identifying and targeting potential customers, branding your company and attracting them to your local business can all be done online. In fact, in many cases, attracting more local customers can be done with fewer marketing dollars using online methods and tools. We mention "local customers" because, despite the World Wide Web, almost all business is still conducted locally with local customers. While eCommerce, or selling on the Web, is growing it is still a fraction of the total dollars spent by consumers. The reach of the Web is well beyond the needs of most businesses looking to reach local customers, but the need for going digital remains. Technology can provide the basic tools to assist your business in reaching consumers in your local area. Many tools are available such as Offer Displays, Websites & Web Pages and eNewsletters.

Multiple Offer Displays

Display ads have made their way to the Internet in many forms, the most basic of which is a static ad that displays on a web page, similar to an ad in a newspaper. Online word ads (like the old newspaper classifieds) are also prevalent, especially on search engine displays. No matter the form, and whether for response or branding, online advertisements can serve to drive consumer traffic to your business location or to other online information about your business. The important thing is that you need to make multiple offers online so that consumers can find out about your products and/or services.

Websites and Web Pages

Consumers often find information about businesses in the form of stand alone websites or pages within other websites. Consumers looking at display ads may often want to see more information before becoming involved with a business. Website pages serve as a place to give customers detailed information about your business. Local community businesses don't necessarily need elaborate websites. A few pages about your business can serve the purpose well, giving the consumer what they want and need to know.


Connecting with customers via newsletters has long been proven in many industries to keep customers interested by providing valuable information giving them reasons to return. The advent of the Internet eNewsletter has become a very cost effective solution. eNewsletters targeted toward existing customers can carry branding messages, attractive offers and information that consumers want and like. When done properly, eNewsletters are a very effective way of increasing business. Although originally sent through the postal system, it is much more cost effective to send a newsletter by email (eNewsletter). It is surprising how they can be adapted to almost any situation. All that is needed is the right content and a simple implementation system and almost any business can reap their benefits.

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Barriers To Online Marketing

Investing in and learning new technology is often the barrier for many businesses who would otherwise readily embrace more technology. Business owners have difficulty finding the time or resources to invest in and learn new technical skills. As has been said, “Doing business can get in the way of doing business”. Life was supposed to be simpler with increased technology. We believe it can be by providing an easier, cost effective, integrated solution.

GONDO, an Integrated Business System

GONDO is an online Integrated Business System (IBS) that combines online components and tools in a unique way. Once enrolled into the GONDO IBS you have access to the tools for launching a successful marketing campaign. Each GONDO Member Business receives personalized support and help in implementing their GONDO Marketing Strategies. By providing an integrated solution we are able to take your business information and use it in all the places that people are. Entering the information once includes it in all online tools available within the system. No going to different websites to participate in various tools to do different things. One access point and you’re done. As a GONDO Member you will have your own login to a Member Console where you can easily update your company and marketing information. If you prefer we can do it for you, or the console is available for those times when you want to make a quick change on your own. There is nothing technical to learn and the system is very simple and easy to use. The great part is that any information you add or update in the GONDO Member Console is automatically and instantly updated and integrated throughout the system. As an example, your specific business offer can be changed at any time from any location with internet access and instantly be changed throughout the system.


The kinds of things we are talking about here cost thousands of dollars to develop and implement. GONDO is reasonably priced. Our Setup fee is $350 and our monthly fee is $149. However, as an introductory special, for a limited time we are offering access to the GONDO IBS for a $100 setup fee and $59 a month.

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Are you curious to see all of this in action? You are welcome to a free test drive of the GONDO Member Console. Complete the Contact Us form and mention "test drive" in the comments section. We'll call you back promptly and walk you through it.